Candidates-Do you care about the mentally ill? PROVE IT!

every vote countsMost of the candidates have been dodging questions about the problem of mental illness in America. Some will bring it up when talking about gun control by saying things like we need to fix the mental health system or we need to help guns out of the mentally ill.


Donald Trump is going to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out and send the people here illegally back to where they came from.  Well, Donald Trump, you can’t keep the mentally ill from entering the United States because many of us are already here legally.  You can’t send us back either. Where would you send us?

The mental health facilities are so overcrowded that people can’t get the help they need.

This is just one problem that America needs to solve.  People are too embarrassed to get help because politicians and the media contribute to the stigma that prevents people from getting the help.  People are not educated as to what signs to look for and where to go to get help.  One in four people in America have a mental illness- that means that everyone most likely at least knows someone who has a mental illness.

So, what are you going to do Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton?  Sanders?  Cruz? Kasich?

I think the people who have mental illnesses, their families, and anyone who has been affected by a mental illness due to tragedy deserve a right to know.

I can give you some answers since you can’t seem to come up with any of your own. At least if you have, you have not shared them.

  1. Ask the mentally ill and their families what is lacking and suggest what could help
  2. Ask the employees at mental health facilities what they see as problems and see how they would fix it
  3. Consider bills that are in Congress right now
  4. Go visit psychiatric hospitals and see how awful most of them are. The patients are being treated worse than animals and not getting the care they need.
  5. Visit the prisons and see how many people who have a mental illness are there instead of a psychiatric facility
  6. Stop the revolving door for prisons and hospitals by having inexpensive if not free care after someone leaves
  7. Finance things like Medical First Aid, Peer Support Specialists, NAMI, DBSA, and Mental Health Association instead of having them rely on donations
  8. Ask other countries what they are doing

You can’t just throw money at the problem.  You can’t keep dodging questions, you definitely should not add to the stigma like I have heard some of you do.  Also, by not talking about it does not give the 25% of Americans who have a mental illness respecdt.

The topic of mental health deserves so much more than any candidate or media outlet gives it.

I suggest you:

  • Investigate
  • Ask for solutions from people who are in the trenches
  • PROMISE that you have things you are going to do to help the mental health system within your first 100 days in office.

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22 thoughts on “Candidates-Do you care about the mentally ill? PROVE IT!

  1. Great post, great questions. The way we treat people with mental illness is sickening. When I was struggling and could tell I was spiraling downward, I couldn’t get any help from our county clinics. One intake person told me I was too high functioning and that I should come back when it gets worse. It wasn’t long after that before I became homeless. I don’t ever want to see anyone go through what I went through, but I’m not optimistic that we’ll see changes anytime soon,

    • Thanks for your encouraging words and I am sorry you went through all that. I just wish we could get our voices heard. I have been writing to politicians and the media for years and don’t even get responses. I have emailed, sent messages on social media,sent via snail mail and even called only to be ignored. I hope that we see change soon too. Please share my blog entry with others and ask them to share it. Thanks!

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