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Guest Post: To My Bipolar Disorder by Bipolar Thrive Guide

Guest Post: Travelling With A Mental Illness by Em

Guest Post: Bipolar Disorder and Me by Lou Farrell

Guest Post: 27 Self-Love tips from a Therapist by Heather

Guest Post: Interview with Author of Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry

Guest Post: What My Hallucinations From Schizoaffective Disorder Feel Like by Katie Sanford

Guest Post: Outside Looking In: A Story Told by The Husband of Someone with Bipolar Disorder by Johnny Whitfield

Guest Post: How the Stigma of Mental Illness affects a Person’s Life by John Adams

Guest Post: Bipolar Is Not An Insult, It’s A Medical Condition by By Marisa Feliciano

Guest Post: The Art of Playing for Good Mental Health by Lou Farrell

60 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire, Encourage, or Educate #10

Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Guest Post: 7 Powerful Ways to Overcome Anxiety by Reena Goenka

What to Say and Not to Say to Someone who is Suicidal

Guest Post: Bipolar Disorder Facts and Statistics by Recovery Village

Thanks for the WeGo Health Nominations and Endorsements! It’s not too late to endorse me! Ends July 31, 2021

Guest Post: A Personal Story About Anxiety and Depression and How Science can be Used to Help with your Well-Being by Nicola

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Combat Depression by Ken

Guest Post: A Personal Story About Anxiety and Depression and How Science can be Used to Help with your Well-Being by Nicola

Answers to “What Do You Think The Biggest Problem Is With The Mental Health System?” by Mental Health Advocates

Attention Mental Health Advocates: Let’s Color the World Green for World Mental Health Day on October 10th

Guest Post: Interview with Author of “Mind Over! What’s the matter?” (His Story with Bipolar Disorder) by David Hamilton

Ways to Know Your Mental Health Should Be a Concern and What to Do

Guest Post: 6 Tips On How To Manage Bipolar Disorder In Your Life by Stan Popovich

How a Daily Routine is Helping me with My Bipolar Disorder

Guest Post: How I Overcame The Vicious Cycle of Worry by Stan

Guest Post: PTSD, OCD and How I Took My Power Back by Caitlin

Stressed? Try the Canva Code

11 Tips to Keep You Mentally Healthy and Prevent Burn Out

Guest Post: Powerful Ways You Can Break The Stigma of Mental Illness by Lauren

My Recent You Tube Videos: Please Help Me to Help Others and Check Them Out!

Guest Post: Interview with the Author of Unglued: A Bipolar Love Story

Guest Post: 7 Strategies to Improve a Bad Mental Health Day by Andrea from My Big Fat Bipolar Life

Things Not to Say to Someone with Bipolar Disorder

Things We Need to Unlearn

Ways to Find Balance in Your Life Re: Mental Health

How to Deal with Setbacks

Guest Post: Mania-Going 120 in my Honda Accord by Bipolar Inferno (Chris G)

Educational Material about Bipolar Disorder for World Bipolar Day

How to Be and Stay Optimistic

Mental Health Advocates Use #MentalHealthMatters

Mental Health Advocates Uniting for World Mental Health Day: How you can Help

What Mental Health Advocates Want

Guest Post: It’s okay to be a Disaster by Scott from Speaking Bipolar

Ways to Advocate for the Mentally Ill

Advice to Loved one of Someone who is Mentally Ill

Markle, Mental Health, and the Media Messing up the Message

Guest Post: Sick of Mental Health Stigma—Are you Psychophobic? by Arlen Rundvall

Guest Post: 21 Tips From a Therapist for Dating Someone With Depression by Lisa Batton

Ideas of what to say to Someone who is Struggling with just About Anything (Divided by Kinds of Struggles)

Getting Through Life with Bipolar Disorder Takes a Champion!

Kinds of Stigma

Reasons Why People Don’t Reach Out for Help if They Have Bipolar Disorder

Someone Has Told You They Have Bipolar Disorder-Now What?

75 Mental Health Quotes Part #9

Guest Post: Could a LCHF, animal-based diet be an effective treatment for Bipolar Disorder? by Author Michelle Hurn

Guest Post: Interview with Author of Hear The Music- She is the Sister of The Soloist-A Musician with Schizophrenia

Things to Say and Not to Say to Someone who is Depressed

Accomplishment: A way out of Depression

Beware of Hypomania

A Driving Force Behind Depression and What can Be Done About It

Depression Tips Re: Wake Up Routine

Guest Post: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Manage Stress by Kim

Email to Representative Patrick McHenry Re: Suicidal Navy Soldier being Punished for having a Mental Illness

Guest Post: Interview with Mental Health Author John Medl

Email to Representative Adam Smith regarding Navy Punishing Suicidal Sailor

Mental Health Advocates Call to Action: A Suicidal US Navy Seaman is Punished for having a Mental Illness: Let’s not let this happen again!

Make Things Happen: Change Yourself and the World

Bipolar Bandit’s Heartfelt Letter to Her Dad

Revealing Letter to my High School Classmates regarding my Bipolar Disorder

Guest Post: Bipolar Disorder: Coming Through the Fog of the Himalayans by Simon C

My Two Sides of Depression

Depressed? Do Something Small and Make a Difference

Guest Post: Mania: The Noise inside my Head by Deb W

What Depression Feels Like

How to Deal With The Holidays When You Have Bipolar Disorder

Guest Post: I am Pulling for You by Jason Miller

Memorial Day: Remembering ALL Soldiers who Have Lost Their Lives!

Guest Post: Apps for Mental Health by Patrick

Being Quarantined as Someone Who Has Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health Advice during this time of COVID-19

Guest Post: My First Experience with Inpatient Hospitalization  By Bipolar Taxi

The Worst Things About Having Bipolar Disorder

Am I Responsible For What I Do While Manic and What Can I Do About It?

How To Be Around People When You Are Depressed

Guest Post: Sleeping and Mental Health by MA Sleep Institute

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder I

Guest Post: A Bipolar Diagnosis is Not a Death Sentence by Carrie Cantwell

Guest Post: Mental Illness and Addiction–To Have Children or Not by Adam Durnham

Guest Post: Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse by Sharon Torres

Depression: Steps to Take to Feel Better

Guest Post: My Bipolar Life Story by Jason Miller

Guest Post: Interview with DJ Jaffe- Author, Mental Health Advocate, and Executive Director of

I want to Get off this Roller Coaster

Guest Video: I am going to fight the demons of mental illness

Guest Video: Somewhere there is… (You’re not alone)

Guest Post: Read This If You Feel Too Ashamed To Ask For Help by Anonymous

Just Because I Am Unstable Does Not Mean I Am Not Taking My Medications

How to Avoid Doing Things in a Manic State That you will Regret Later

Are you Riding Your Tricycle or The Space Shuttle?

New Year-New Bipolar Beginnings

Guest Post: Everything You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Guest Post: Author of Rambler- A Family Pushes through the Fog of Mental Illness Interviewed

I have a Mental Illness, but I am not a Mistake

The Frustrations of a Mental Health Advocate

Start Talking About Suicide and Mental Illness ALL THE TIME!

Mania or Depression: Will I stay in the light this time?

Guest Post by Nicole Allen: Living with Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Bipolar Disorder: Feeling Hopeless? Don’t give up!

Assessment for Bipolar Disorder

Darkness Therapy is a Way to Treat Mania

Guest Post: Mistreatment of My son after A Living Nightmare of His 1st Psychosis by Tamara

The Frustrations of a Mental Health Advocate

Dear Parkland Students,

Interview with the Author of Bipolar Disorder, My Biggest Competitor: An Olympian’s Journey with Mental Illness

Weeks/Months/Days Dedicated to Mental Health Topics

Guest Post: How to Slow Your Racing Mind by Charles Francis

Guest Post: 7 Routines for Bipolar Disorder by Sibple

March Madness when it comes to Politics and Mental Health

Guest Post: 9 Myths about Bipolar Disorder by Kristy

Interview: Author, Speaker, Advocate: Natasha Tracy Explained

Using Mania: Don’t Freak Out

Guest Post: Mood Swings: Don’t Lose Hope By Gertie

What to Expect at a Psychiatric Ward

Coming out of my Depression: Now what?

Getting over the Anxiety of Meeting a New Psychiatrist

Guest Post: I, Borg

Guest Post: Sons with Schizophrenia: A Tale of Three Mothers

Guest Post: Stars and Darkness- You Will be Found

Why Bipolar Disorder Can’t be Blamed for Everything

Is Bipolar Disorder for Everyone?

I have Bipolar Disorder: Am I a Failure?

Beware of Hypomania

What Happens after you have been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

What needs to Change in the Mental Health System

What the World Looks Like when You Have Bipolar Disorder

Therapy Tips for Bipolar Bandit

GUEST POST: Why it’s Important to Talk to your Children about Mental Illness by Sherry

How do I know who I am?

How Obama Care has impacted me in regards to “formulary” medications

Types of Schizophrenia

Types of Mental Disorders

Types of Personality Disorders


Guest Post: Love in a Bipolar World by Rebecca

Dear Future President,

Do You Know the Signs of Mental Illness?

What People are Doing for Mental Health Awareness Month

Guest Post: 10 Things I’ve Learned Since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by Jake

Movies and TV Shows With Characters Who Have Bipolar Disorder



I Care for Someone Who Has a Mental Illness and Want to do More to Help Them

How it can take ONE MINUTE to Start to Change the Mental Health System

How it can take ONE MINUTE to Get the Candidates to talk about Mental Health

Sanders- Will he talk about the mental health crisis?

Will Trump Make America Great for Everyone?

Does Kasich have a solution to the mental health crisis like he says he does

After Attending Cruz Rally as a Mental Health Advocate will I vote for him?

Trump vs Clinton: Who will have the vote of the mentally ill?

Do the votes of Mental Health Advocates Matter?

Will Candidate Cruz earn the vote of Mental Health Advocates?

To Governor Bush: Was it the Right Decision?

Dear Dr.Rand Paul, We need your help!

Do you want my vote? Please talk about SOLUTIONS to the Mental Health Crisis!

A Whole New Ball Game in March

March Madness: Basketball vs Candidates

What They are not Talking about at the Debates

Guest Post: Briefly Me by Scott Martin

Guest Post: Fear to Love by Belinda

Candidates-Do you care about the mentally ill? PROVE IT!

Young Minds Matter

40 Celebrities who have Bipolar Disorder Infographic

To the People who are Embarrassed to know me

Black Celebrities Who Have Mental Illnesses

Brandon Marshall and the Super Bowl

Guest Post: The Reality of Mental Illness “They Say” by Allen Minor

Guest Post: Behind the Smile by Patricia Grace



How to Support Someone who has Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar Disorder and Self-Control


Mental Health Should be a Priority

The Presidential Candidates Need to Talk about Mental Health

When Using Your Manic Energy Can Go Too Far

How my Bipolar Disorder has gotten in the way

Virginia Shooting: Mental Illness vs Gun Violence

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

What can a mental health advocate do to help people with mental illnesses?

Guest Post: Mental Health Awareness Month- Interesting Information

It’s World Bipolar Day! Check out these Bipolar Disorder FB pages

14 Things to remember when you feel hopeless

Guest Post: What it’s like to be Bipolar by Sherry

What can Trigger Mania?

Is Tom Sullivan right? Is bipolar disorder a fad? Are there people on disability who shouldn’t be?

Guest Post: Interview with Author Michelle May Krack

Public Hospital in Williamsburg, VA October 1773

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 8: A Mental Health Advocate Lives On

Are Psychiatrists Held to the same Standards as other Doctors?

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Disorder Part 7: Giving Back

Positive Things Can Come From Amanda Bynes’s Extended Hospital Stay

Does Amanda Bynes’s mother regret telling everyone that her daughter does not have a mental illness?

Writings from Bipolar Bandit’s Father Part 2: Privileged to be Her Dad

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Thank an Advocate Challenge

My Personal Experiences with Suicide TRIGGER

Sports Used to Describe Bipolar Disorder

Why does it take the death of a celebrity to get people to talk about Mental Illness?

Robin Williams a Coward? Apology NOT accepted!

Suicide, Bipolar Disorder, and Robin Williams

Is it a Mental Illness or a Mental Disorder?

Writings from Bipolar Bandit’s Father Part 1

Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 6: My Daughter’s Struggles in School

30 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire Part 8

Interesting Statistics about Bipolar Disorder

How My Dad has Helped me with my Bipolar Disorder

Facts and Information for Mental Health Month

Can Worrying Lead to Mania?

Picture of Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Spring Cleaning my Head

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 5: The next Manic Episode and some things I learned

Published Letter to the Editor: Major Overhaul Needed Re: Mental Health System

Guest Post: Dear Bipolar by Anonymous

Guest Post: Fighting the Good Fight by Wendy Enberg

Guest Post: What it’s Like to Live with Autism


Is Society to Blame for the Mental Health Care System not working?

Making Light of Things You have Done While Manic

Having Bipolar Disorder on Valentine’s Day

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 3: My Daughter’s Diagnosis and my Reaction

Are All Medications Taken For Bipolar Disorder worth the risk?

I’ve Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Now what?

Did more than the System let Gus Deeds and His family Down?

Bipolar Bandit’s Story

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 2: Trying to Figure out What was Wrong with my Daughter

Don’t Tell Me I CAN’T do Something

Mental Health Bed or Psychiatric Bed: A HUGE Difference

Time Waiting for a Bed: Psychiatric vs. Medical


Why Young Healthy Individuals Should pay Health Insurance

How Are Quotes Created?

Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 1 How having a mentally ill child affects the family.

30 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire Part 7

Encouragement from a Political Mental Health Advocate and News Channel


Guest Post: A Veteran’s Battle with Schizophrenia by Author of My Only Son Video

30 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire Part 8

Finding Your Purpose and Going After Your Dreams

Brandon Marshall and the Super Bowl

Media Distortion Re: Mental Illness

Credits for Inspirational Quotes

What is required to be a Mental Health Care Advocate?

How the Media is playing a Role in Recent shootings

What has happened to HIPPA?

Was I an Advocate or a Person with Bipolar Disorder First?

Golf, Bipolar Disorder and Me

Mental Illness Issue? Make Your Politicians Accountable!

Guest Post: A Successful Story- A police Officer and a Person With Schizophrenia


The Launch of a Great Program to Help Kids with Mental Illnesses


The Truth about Many Psychiatric Hospitals

Living in a World with no Mental Illness?

Mental Health Awareness Day & Thanks to Some Governors

Email I sent to Governors Re: Mental Illness Awareness Week October 2013

Guest Post: Dying of Kidney Disease: Could this really happen this year?

Mental Health Matters : A New Resource

There is Hope: Mental Health Conference at White House

My Opinion on Involuntary Commitment and Conservatorships (For example, Amanda Bynes)

Am I crazy?

Energy and Commerce Committee Meeting on Delivering Services to the Mentally Ill

Am I really like everyone else?

THE DSM-5 Made Easy To Understand

Email I sent to Representatives in the General Assembly in NC

Why June 3rd Is an Important Day in the US, Who is Invited, and What is the Agenda?

Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses Need to Unite

Why Shhh…Don’t Tell Doesn’t Work

Why Reflecting on Mental Health Month is Important if You have a Mental Illness


My Opinion on 1st 3 short stories of “Call Me Crazy”

Guest Post: My Mentally Ill Son vs Your son with Another Type of Illness

How Would You React if Someone Told you They Had a Mental Illness?

8 Tips If You Feel Like You are getting Manic

35 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire (#3)

Good News: Mental Illness is Being Talked about!

I Have a Dream (Re: Mental Illness)

65 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire (#2)

Guest Post: Gerald’s Story “An Uninvited Guest he had to Live With: Bipolar Disorder”

Is there anyone with influence who cares about the mentally ill?

Stand Up for Mental Health Campaign

Guest Post: Casey’s Story regarding Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder and Bulimia Nervosa.

Guest Post: The Medicine Cabinet by “Bacon”

Has the Talk about Mental Illness regarding recent shootings over?

Mental Illness Awareness Week Being Observed in 2013! Petition2Congress

50 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire (#1)

Guest Post: Living with a Mood Disorder by “Diary of an Arizona Girl”

How to Help a Friend or a Loved one who has Bipolar Disorder

The Power of Positive Thinking in Mental Illnesses

Guest Post: Adventures of a Survivor

Guest Post: Stormy’s Battle with bipolar disorder, MPD, and Fibromyalgia

Guest Post: A Christian with Bipolar II by Kalie

What can you do if you suspect someone might have a mental illness?

Is Enough Being Done to Prevent Situations like the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Suicide: Is Enough Being Done to Raise Awareness and Prevent it?

How Do People with Bipolar Disorder Deal with Things They’ve Done While in a Manic Episode?

Guest Post: My Story by the Author of Diary of A Bipolar

Guest Post: Getting off the Roller Coaster Ride?

Facing a Mental Illness while in School

Taking off My Mask: Testimony (Living with Bipolar Disorder)

Guest Post: Rita and Her Struggle with Bipolar Disorder

Guest Post: Trish Hurtubise’s Struggle with Depression and OCD

My Mom’s and My Recollection of My First Manic Episode

40 Million Voters Ignored

My New Philosophy on Life: Telling People about My Mental Illness

Guest Post: I Have Bipolar Disorder and Can’t Forgive Myself by Anonymous

Guest Post: I know now that I’m not Crazy by Kalie Dalbey

Suggestions: Feature Story by a Person with a Mental Illness

You could Save a Life: You have two days left!

Appeal to the media and politicians: Does anyone care that it is Mental Illness Awareness Week in America?

World Mental Health Day Around the World

World Mental Health Day Information

Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 4th thru 10th, 2015: What can you do?

How much attention will Mental Illness Awareness week get?

Depression Tips by a Person who Suffers from Depression due to Bipolar Disorder

My Thoughts on the Empire State Building Shooting

Bipolar Disorder Acronym

Things I’ve Done While Manic by Bipolar Bandit

Bipolar Disorder Defined by a Person with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Bandit’s Story

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Helpful Things You Can Do When you are Manic

The Stigma of the Mentally Ill is Hurting America