March Madness: Basketball vs Candidates

Presidential_March_MadnessCOLORdailiKosMarch Madness usually refers to college football. I think this year it will refer to the madness   of how the candidates can’t prove what they stand for and the campaigns all rely on mudslinging. March Madness usually refers to college football. I think this year it will refer more about the craziness of who can win boxing matches rather than talk about issues.

For the most part, the colleges get along when playing basketball and most of them play with good sportsmanship. Very rarely do you see them attacking each other with their beliefs, religion, and character. In fact, if they were to openly do that, they would most likely not be able to play.

However, our candidates are allowed to do anything they want without consequences. Well, of course there are consequences. Just like a college team can lose, a candidate can lose an election.

It is time to start rallying around the team you want to support and the one you think can win the championship. Just like basketball, it is time to start seriously consider who you want to win.  Many times the teams you have chosen to win the championship are not included in your brackets. However, at that point  you still need to cheer for someone.  You might not have the two candidates to choose from when it comes to the general election, but you better start facing it, it might not be who you want.

If that is the case, you need to put all the crap that they will be slinging at each other and choose the candidate who can best help America.  In order to pick one, you must know where they stand on certain issues and what they are going to do about them.  Clinton likes to promise everything and say she will do better than the Republicans no matter what. However, she has not come up with a valid plan as to how she will do it.  Trump likes to point out all the things that are wrong with America, but offers very little ideas of HOW he  will “Make America Great Again” other than building walls and sending Muslims and illegal immigrants back. It is wishful thinking that things are just going to get better when we have a new person in the White House.

As voters, we need to make a decision not based on who can call the other person the most names or point out all the things their opponent has done wrong. We need to make a choice as to who we think will run the country like we would want them to.  We should want proof that they care about certain issues and have devised a plan to fix the problems that face America.

One such issue is the mental health issue.  I pose this question to all the candidates: What will you do to help with the mental health system?  Will you at least talk about it so that the people with mental illnesses don’t feel discriminated and forgotten? Will you promise to do something about the stigma, the overcrowding of hospitals, the lack of quality care, the mistreatment of psychiatric patients, the homeless who end up there because they can’t get adequate care for their mental illness, and stop having revolving doors in psychiatric wards and prisons.  Prove to 25% of your voters that you do care.  We are Americans and we will vote and we could just make a difference as to if you win or not.

In basketball, the best team will win. Will the best candidate win?  I sure do hope so.  I am independent voter who has not voted yet and have no idea who I will be voting for. If you want my vote, candidates, please start talking about how you will solve the mental health crisis and stop dodging questions regarding mental illness.

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