Movies & TV Shows with Bipolar Disorder Characters

moviesThese movies and television shows are not in any particular order.  Some are fictional and other movies are more factual including some biographies. 

Some of them do a better job of depicting someone who struggles with bipolar disorder. 

  • Touched with Fire:  Two poets who have bipolar disorder meet in a psychiatric hospital and fall in love. Ref
  • Infinitely Bipolar Bear: Cameron takes care of his two  daughters while his wife attends graduate school out of town.
  • Silver Linings Playbook: Pat has bipolar disorder and has moved in with his parents after he is discharged from a psychiatric hospital.
  • Mr. Jones: Mr. Jones has bipolar disorder. During one of his manic episodes he jumps up on stage during a concert and ends up being arrested.  He also struggles with suicidal depression. Ref
  • The Hours: Virginia, who has experienced several nervous breakdowns and suffers from bipolar disorder, feels trapped in her home, intimidated by servants and constantly under the eye of her husband who has begun a publishing business, Hogarth Press, at home to stay close to her. Ref
  • Shameless: Ian, like his mom Monica, has been diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER and  he currently refuses to visit the doctor and does not believe he needs to take medication. For these reasons his behavior has been erratic and out of control, worrying his family. Ref Ref
  • Michael Clayton Arthur is the lead attorney in a class-action case.  His struggle with bipolar disorder makes things harder for his colleague, Michael, as they deal with the case. Ref
  • Call Me Anna Patty Duke plays herself in this movie.  Growing up she struggled with bipolar disorder, but was not diagnosed until 1982.  Patty Duke’s Biography
  • My Friend Paul: Paul is diagnosed in prison with bipolar disorder.  After he is released, he moves in his friend and filmmaker Jonathan. However, Paul’s manic rantings threaten the filmmaker’s own equilibrium and  he begs Paul to return to the psychiatric hospital. Ref
  • The Informant! Struggling with bipolar disorder, Mark confesses to the FBI that he and his company are doing illegal business. The stresses of having to wear a wire and organizing surveillance cause his meltdown.
  • The Flying Scotsman: This story is based on Graeme Obree, an amateur cyclist, who struggles with crippling bipolar disorder.
  • In the Best Interest of the Children A woman struggling with bipolar disorder while raising her five children eventually leads to the children being taken away from her.
  • Shine Biography about pianist David Helfgott who had bipolar disorder and spent years in mental institutions.  Ref 
  • Surviving Family As Terry struggles to rebuild her relationship with her older sister, she learns that her niece has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her aunt helps her  begin to come to terms with the truth behind her mother’s life and death, and her father’s alcoholism. Ref
  • Sweethearts Arliss meets Jasmine on a blind date at a coffee house, but it turns out Jasmine has bipolar disorder and is  carrying a gun contemplating suicide.
  • Black Box (tv series)Catherine Black  is a famous neurologist who secretly has bipolar disorder  and the only person who knows is her psychiatrist who has been a maternal figure for Catherine  since her mother, who also suffered from bipolar disorder, committed suicide. Ref
  • Homeland  (tv series) Carrie is a CIA officer who, like her father, struggles with  bipolar disorder. Her dad also has bipolar disorder.  Although her family knows, she is able to keep her illness a secret from others for a long time during the season.
  • Empire (tv series) Andre, the oldest of the the Lyon family has bipolar disorder. He’s power hungry and hopes to run the empire some day. Leah, Dwight’s deceased mother, also had bipolar disorder Ref
  • The Big C (tv series)  Sean, Cathy’s brother, suffers from bipolar disorder starts and taking medications because he wants to be more stable for his unborn child.  He was homeless and refused treatment up until then. Ref
  • ER (tv series) Abby has a mother with bipolar disorder who comes and lives with her.
  • Law and Order SVU  (tv series) Elliot’s mother has bipolar disorder and he finds out his daughter has it too when she has a manic phase and ends up prison.
  • Six Feet Under (tv series)  Billy, Brenda’s brother, has bipolar disorder
  • Shutter Island Marshalls, while investigating  a psychiatric hospital come  across Daniels who might have killed his bipolar disorder wife after she supposedly killed their three children. Ref
  • Next To Normal a mother struggles with  bipolar disorder and attempts to not let it affect her family Ref
  • Manic  Chad has bipolar disorder and forms a friendship with Lyle while in a psychiatric facility. The two make plans to go to Amsterdam with the money from Chad’s trust fund.

Below are other movies that are believed to be about bipolar disorder. However, the viewer has to come to that conclusion on their own based on the plot of the movie and its characters.

A Fine Madness

Blue Sky


Splendor in the Grass 

Rocks in My Pockets 

Prozac Nation

Tamil Films: Aarohanam and 3




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The History of Bipolar Disorder Infographic

History of Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder Statistics Infographic

Bipolar Disorder Stats Infographic

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I Care for Someone Who Has a Mental Illness and Want to do More to Help Them

care for mentally illMany people who have a mental illness or have a family member or loved one with a mental illness know that the mental system needs a lot of work.

In order for the mental health system to change, we need to start at the top. In order to fight for your loved one, changes are going to be needed.  In order for changes to be made, there is not much we, as the mentally ill and their families, can do but to go to our legislators and ask for them to listen to our concerns, give us a chance to ask questions, and be patient while we offer solutions.

Many people like to complain about how their loved one is being mistreated or how awful it is that they can’t get help.  They often feel hopeless because it just seems like nothing is ever going to change.

Change won’t happen until we, the people who care about the mentally ill, start taking action.

I am not a political person.  I just want things to change. Sitting around complaining about the system and listening to others complain about the system is not going to change anything.  Being supportive of someone with a mental illness is important, but think how yours and their lives would be different if more research was done and their mental illness had a cure and/or there was more of a support system for them.

The only way I can think of to change things is to contact our legislators and politicians. I don’t think that is political. I think that is advocacy and caring about the mentally ill, many who can’t help themselves. Advocacy is just publicly supporting something.

Yes, contacting the President, the current candidates, senators and congressmen is contacting political figures. However, I don’t think that makes me a politician. That makes me someone who cares.

Please help me in making a difference in the lives of the mentally ill.  

It will take ONE MINUTE.  Copy/Paste or type out the words “PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD SOLVE THE MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS” Then, write on a candidate’s wall, your own wall, or simply tweet it.  You could also spend the minute to ask others to do the same.  

If we can get the candidates to talk about the mental health crisis and what they would do to solve it, that would be a great step in changing the system.  It does not make me a politician to want to make the lives better for the mentally ill. It makes me a compassionate, caring person who wants things better for the people who are struggling with a mental illness and can’t get help, are being stigmatized, and are mistreated and discriminated against.

I consider myself an advocate.  An advocate is someone who publicly recommends or supports. It is not someone who wants to be a politician. I don’t even want to talk to politicians. I just know that without doing so, nothing will change and the mentally ill will keep having to struggle.


Candidates-Do you care about the 25% of Americans who have a mental Illness? PROVE IT!

Mental Health Should be a Priority

40 Million Voters Ignored

Why June 3rd Is an Important Day in the US, Who is Invited, and What is the Agenda?

Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses Need to Unite

What can a mental health advocate do to help people with mental illnesses?

What is required to be a Mental Health Care Advocate?

Encouragement from a Political Mental Health Advocate and News Channel

Mental Health Awareness Day & Thanks to Some Governors

Appeal to the media and politicians: Does anyone care that it is Mental Illness Awareness Week in America?

Major Overhaul Needed Re: Mental Health System


Candidates-Do you care about the 25% of Americans who have a mental Illness? PROVE IT!

Mental Health Should be a Priority

40 Million Voters Ignored

Why June 3rd Is an Important Day in the US, Who is Invited, and What is the Agenda?

Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses Need to Unite

What can a mental health advocate do to help people with mental illnesses?

What is required to be a Mental Health Care Advocate?

Encouragement from a Political Mental Health Advocate and News Channel

Mental Health Awareness Day & Thanks to Some Governors

Appeal to the media and politicians: Does anyone care that it is Mental Illness Awareness Week in America?



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How it can take ONE MINUTE to Get the Candidates to talk about Mental Health

mental health advocate

Just think of how loud our voices would be if we all spent ONE MINUTE of our day asking a candidate (or several) to talk about how to SOLVE the mental health crisis. Getting them to talk about it is an important step in making the lives of the mentally ill and their families better.

It literally takes seconds to type or copy/paste these words:  TALK ABOUT HOW TO SOLVE THE MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS.  In the rest of the seconds of ONE MINUTE you could get that message out in several ways: Put it  on your own page, put on a candidate’s page, tweet it, tweet it to a particular candidate and ask others to share/RT it, or write it as part of your  blog.

Do you know why the candidates are not listening to our complaints about the mental health crisis? They are not taking it seriously because the advocates won’t come together and take ONE MINUTE to send one message.  We want them to talk about the mental health crisis, but we are not joining hands as advocates to send the message that we want them to talk about it.

By not joining together, we are doing exactly what they are counting on: NOTHING because they think we are too CRAZY  to figure out a way to join together to send a message.  Well, they are right- So far, we haven’t joined hands and fought  with one voice.

I know that advocates want something done and they all work hard every day to do so.  Now, during the election, is a great time to get our voices heard.  Please take that ONE MINUTE now and type  or copy and paste this message and ask that others do too.


Please don’t just read this and think that it’s a good idea. Please act on it. Spend ONE MINUTE right now to help send a message:  We need them to take the mentally ill and the crisis seriously. Don’t let them win because mental health advocates can’t join forces.


As a strong advocate, I am MAD!  I am no longer mad at the candidates who won’t talk about the mental health crisis. I am REALLY MAD at the mental health advocates for not joining together to send a message to Washington.

For over two years now, I have pleaded with the mental health communities that deal with mental illnesses to unite. It is the only way we, as mental health advocates, are going to get our voices heard.

Instead, all the advocacy groups go about their own way trying to raise awareness about their particular cause and members of the health communities complain about the mental health system.





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Briefly Me by Scott Martin

Well here goes,  my first attempt at a blog!!

This is me , im Scott 32 , from Lincolnshire Uk , Married  , 2 kids , a chef .. And one other major thing in my life .. Bipolar Disorder…

What brings me writing this ??

  • Maybe im imspired by others
  • Maybe after being in a documentry, seeing positive feedback i want to share more of my so called bipolar life 
  • Or am i just turning manic ?

 Have i always had bipolar? Hmm dunno they says signs show from the ages of 18 -25 .. So if i said one of one of my earliest memories is that i flew down my stairs ,( i can actually visually see myself floating down the stairs now ) my wife laughs when i tell her it happened, perhaps she humours me , but i can tell you .. It happened!! .fullstopPychosis ? Well i dunno ..

Caused by trauma?? .. My childhood was good untill i was 9 , my older brother at 16 was hit by car that flung him into a bus that he was catching on a wet night after his shift had finished. This had amassive effect on my life , not only did i loose my brother , but also nothing has ever been the same since. My family had depression written all over them, i can remember thinking then it should of been me , at one point i thought i was him or was that down to me acting like him , thinking about him to much , or wearing his clothes to try  and be him .. I dunno im rambling but guess i had a trauma

I guess the real signs of bipolar disorder came when i met my beautiful wife , my highs and lows when i think about them now was there , we had 4 houses in just over 3 years , i ran up so much debt with taking out cards thinking i could get away with not paying them , nothing was ever right, i had many moments of being horrible to my wife , i just couldnt find a way to control my thoughts which led to the only way for me to release them was to be  nasty and irritable i guess. Problem then i would sink into depression , laying on the settee while the world , my children grew .., but my marriage was failing ..

I think i have this bipolar thing i said .. It must of been 3am in the morning when i woke my wife , this was back in 2009, the whole stacy slater bipolar eastenders storyline had been on, i sat going through the symptons and guess there and then diagnosed myself.

4 years passed.. I didnt do anything about my new discovery of bipolar disorder , infact i was in denial , in them years we once again moved , i had bought cars in middle of the night , i started to believe i could draw the dead, like a spirtual artist , i was still having highs and lows but more extreame. I did try medication , anti depressants from my gp but no referal , i was a mess.

Jan 2013 .. A breakthrough came after my ever supportive wife came with me to my GP , i got referred , with  cyclothymia being mentioned as a reason for moods
I didnt really recongise myself i was 17 stone plus , unhappy but new that this referal was key , 2 trips over a period of 3 months to the people of ill brains , mood charts and conversations  , i was given the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 Disorder with further assements.


May 2015 .. So my diagnosis had been well over a year well 2 , in Jan that year  , i thought i was well , i had tried medication, they made me gain weight , made me feel numb , i decided to stop taking medication, self help and manage bipolar myself , even discharging myself from psychiatric care , 5 months later a new women came into my life

Annie Lennox .. I was stupid not to reconise a manic episode, but to me i was well / ish .. When i go high i control rapid thoughts via music , for some reason i fount my love for annie, she was there to block my thoughts and for the first time i had not knowing developed pychosis type symptons , the more i listened continuously to her songs i new i had been chosen, the lyrics , the videos , the way she looked at the camaras in the videos was for me it all came in place for I was not scott , well i was but not in 2015 , i was meant to be in the 80’s living my life , if i went in shops her music would be on , it was just her sign to show she was with me , at work on the radio again with me, after a good few weeks i decided to tell my wife about my discovery

Back to the mental health unit , my wife new i had became unwell , my boss got told and i was signed off work, thinking back now i was a danger to myself , and should of perhaps been sectioned or at least gone in voluntary  , thankfully  like a jigsaw my wife pieced me back together , but also said to me you need medication or find away for it to not happen again , she was frightend i was still high , but it hit home

The time off work  i managed to get myself down a few levels , i had a new appoinment back in place to discuss medications , i also fount myself being given the chance to take part of a follow up stephen fry life of a manic depressive documentry , i owned the first one , it helped me and my wife so much and being part of the new one was very important to me , if my story gave comfort or awareness to one person it would make me feel happy

The filming soon  came around and at the time i had chosen lithium as my choose of medication to control me. Still with the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 , after blood tests i began my lithuum , starting on 400mg i started to feel a lot better , my mind felt clear , no zombie feelings , a month later i had it increased to 800mg as the levels were not quite high enough to work as it should. The 2nd part of filming had finished , being more well i new i had done the right thing in trying to end the stigma of bipolar, the producers , filmcrew was such nice people.

Present Day .. Im now on 1200mg of lithium daily , the documentry has been aired and the supportive feedback blew me away being on tv was very surreal  , at this moment i feel really high and have been told to stay off work for 3 days to try and get rest in , i still believe in lithium , but one thing i am now passionate about making mental health more aware , deciding to write daily mood blog i feel will help me and hopfully give others comfort too.


Check out his BLOG and Twitter page

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Guest Post: Fear to Love by Belinda


From as far back as I can remember the terms anorexic, depressed, anxious, and addicted were terms I carried like a noose around my neck – stifling me, preventing me from living a ‘normal’ happy life and leaving a trail of painful memories.

I was diagnosed with anorexia at twelve years old. By fourteen I was diagnosed with clinical depression and had also started drinking. By seventeen my doctor told me I was going to die if I carried on drinking the way I was. I managed to keep the drinking somewhat under control until I was twenty three, coupled with Aropax, but the depression was too much to bear and two months after my twenty third birthday I tried to end my life.

I failed – and spent the next thirteen years trying to overcome underlying depression coupled with anxiety. I worked with counsellors, psychiatrists and therapists. I read every self help book I could find, and I managed to reach a space where I could live ‘normally’ but I still lived in an inner world of pain and unhappiness. I refused to go back onto medication, and I took herbal supplements which helped. These were Kava Kava and St Johns Wort. I also used Bach Flower Remedies which were very helpful.

Then in 2014 I immigrated to the UK. The big move, coupled with other unforeseen events saw me plummet back into a world of panic attacks, deep depression and an endless sense of hopelessness.

I knew something had to change, and so what I did was I put pen to paper and I wrote my story. It was the most incredible journey I have ever been on. As I wrote I was literally taken back to early childhood in my mind and I saw clearly the core beliefs I had set in childhood and how they had mapped the path I walked from there.

When I got towards the last part of the book I started working with a coach who introduced me to something called the 3 Principles – a paradigm that points to the true nature of how our reality is created by our thinking. The more I learnt and studied these principles, which are mind, consciousness and thought, the more I started to see my life and the labels I had in a completely different way. I began to heal. Not just in a superficial way, but on a deep level. I also began to see that although I had suffered severe depression and other mental disorders there was always a part of me that was not broken. That realisation was life changing for me.

For nearly thirty years I had believed I was not normal, that I was broken, that I was ‘ill’ mentally and that it was something I had to live with forever.

The 3 principles showed me a new way of seeing myself, my illness, and my external world.

I still get depressed, I still get anxious, but now I can see where the feelings are coming from and I don’t get so caught up in them.

I see my mind, my thinking and my feelings like the weather. Sometimes the sky is clear and I have happy thoughts. But sometimes there is a frightening storm and my inner world is very dark. But I remember that it is only a storm, and that it will pass, and soon enough the dark thoughts leave and I feel happy again. Its only if I see the thoughts as ‘me’ that I get stuck.

I finished my book, and I published my story to give hope to others. If you would like to read it, or get the first few chapters, please Belinda’s Book:  Fear to Love  and go to the bottom of the page.

Sending you so much love on your journey,


You can also find her on Twitter  and Facebook 

fear to love

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Candidates-Do you care about the mentally ill? PROVE IT!

every vote countsMost of the candidates have been dodging questions about the problem of mental illness in America. Some will bring it up when talking about gun control by saying things like we need to fix the mental health system or we need to help guns out of the mentally ill.


Donald Trump is going to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out and send the people here illegally back to where they came from.  Well, Donald Trump, you can’t keep the mentally ill from entering the United States because many of us are already here legally.  You can’t send us back either. Where would you send us?

The mental health facilities are so overcrowded that people can’t get the help they need.

This is just one problem that America needs to solve.  People are too embarrassed to get help because politicians and the media contribute to the stigma that prevents people from getting the help.  People are not educated as to what signs to look for and where to go to get help.  One in four people in America have a mental illness- that means that everyone most likely at least knows someone who has a mental illness.

So, what are you going to do Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton?  Sanders?  Rubio? Cruz? Kasich? Carson?

I think the ppl who have mental illnesses, their families, and anyone who has been affected by a mental illness due to tragedy deserve a right to know.

I can give you some answers since you can’t seem to come up with any of your own. At least if you have, you have not shared them.

  1. Ask the mentally ill and their families what is lacking and suggest what could help
  2. Ask the employees at mental health facilities what they see as problems and see how they would fix it
  3. Consider bills that are in Congress right now
  4. Go visit psychiatric hospitals and see how awful most of them are. The patients are being treated worse than animals and not getting the care they need.
  5. Visit the prisons and see how many people who have a mental illness are there instead of a psychiatric facility
  6. Stop the revolving door for prisons and hospitals by having inexpensive if not free care after someone leaves
  7. Finance things like Medical First Aid, Peer Support Specialists, NAMI, DBSA, and Mental Health Association instead of having them rely on donations
  8. Ask other countries what they are doing

You can’t just throw money at the problem.  You can’t keep dodging questions, you definitely should not add to the stigma like I have heard some of you do.  Also, by not talking about it does not give the 25% of Americans who have a mental illness respecdt.

The topic of mental health deserves so much more than any candidate or media outlet gives it.

I suggest you:

  • Investigate
  • Ask for solutions from people who are in the trenches
  • PROMISE that you have things you are going to do to help the mental health system within your first 100 days in office.

More articles you might want to check out that deal with the same subject:

Candidates-Do you care about the 25% of Americans who have a mental Illness? PROVE IT!

Mental Health Should be a Priority

40 Million Voters Ignored

Why June 3rd Is an Important Day in the US, Who is Invited, and What is the Agenda?

Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses Need to Unite

What can a mental health advocate do to help people with mental illnesses?

What is required to be a Mental Health Care Advocate?

Encouragement from a Political Mental Health Advocate and News Channel

Mental Health Awareness Day & Thanks to Some Governors

Appeal to the media and politicians: Does anyone care that it is Mental Illness Awareness Week in America?

Major Overhaul Needed Re: Mental Health System


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Young Minds Matter

kateOne of my favorite quotes is by former Congressman Patrick Kennedy.  He said, “I want a checkup from the neck up in every physician’s visit from our pediatrician to our geriatricians.”

Many mental health advocates have been saying for years that more needs to be done regarding mental health. We need to take steps to raise awareness, erase stigma, let people know how and where they can get help, and that mental illness can be treated.

However, mental illness can’t be addressed if a parent, loved one, or person even knows they have a problem.

Young Minds Matter, a program started by Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge is a huge step in addressing this problem.  

Parents often fail to seek help for their children who they suspect have a mental illness because they don’t want to endure the stigma.  They don’t want to think that others think they did something wrong.  Most mental illnesses are caused by a chemical imbalance yet many people don’t know that. This contributes to why children and parents want to let others know they have a mental illness.

In addition to liking what Patrick Kennedy said I now like what Kate Middleton has said. “The mental health of our children must be seen as every bit as important as their physical health. For too long we have been embarrassed to admit when our children need emotional or psychiatric help, worried that the stigma associated with these problems would be detrimental to their futures.”  Ref1

The program that Kate Middleton has put into place she hopes will make a real difference. She plans to use articles written by people have struggled with mental illness and won.  These articles will also include researchers who are “asking important questions about the mental health of young people, and are getting answers that will be of real benefit to all parents and teachers.” Ref1

This exciting new adventure looks like it is really going to raise awareness about mental illness especially in children.  Kate Middleton is hoping that you not only read the articles. She is also asking others to share their stories.  If you are interested in contributing your story she asks that you send it to:

picmichIt is great to hear that others are getting on board with this endeavor.  This includes First Lady Michelle Obama.  She has praised Kate for her efforts  and has said,”The Duchess of Cambridge has been a passionate voice on so many important issues, and I’m grateful that she is using her day as guest editor to shine a bright light on mental health, particularly children’s mental health, and on the tens of millions of people who suffer in silence.and that getting help is not  “a sign of weakness” but “a sign of strength”. Ref2

I hope that many other leaders continue to join this great cause.

If you are interested in becoming an advocate please see another blog I wrote: What can a mental health advocate do to help people with mental illnesses

Picture sources: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge  First Lady Michelle Obama

Petition: Introduce Mental Health Education on to the UK National Curriculum








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40 Celebrities who have Bipolar Disorder



There  many actors, actresses, mathematicians, scientists, athletes, musicians, artists, poets, authors, and politicians who have bipolar disorder.

You will be surprised as to how many there are.  Right now, there are almost 300 of these celebrities I have included.

For more several famous people who struggle with bipolar disorder, click here or here

In addition to these modern day celebrities, it is known that people throughout history have suffered from bipolar disorder.

It is believed that Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill both had manic depression (now called bipolar disorder).

Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe, Beethoven, Mozart, Virginia Wolfe, Vincent Vangough and even Isaac Newton are believed to have bipolar disorder based on behaviors they had at the time.

Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Robert Schumann, and others have exhibited symptoms of manic depression.

More Current ones Found

Suzy Favor Hamilton- Bipolar Disorder







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