A Whole New Ball Game in March

bball2Kasich, a presidential candidate still in the race, has been quoted as saying, “I’m going to win Ohio, and when I win Ohio it’s a whole new ballgame.”  Source

Could he be right? As an independent voter who has not yet voted in the primary election,  I still have no clue who I would vote for, but I do know that the candidate who will have my vote will be talking about  how to solve the issues facing America rather than who can win the boxing match going on in the debates and on television.

However,  Kasich could be right.   It could be a whole new ball game.  Kasich could somehow come from behind just like basketball teams in your March Madness brackets and could totally surprise you and everyone else.

Life is full of uncertainties. The winner of the NCAA Championship is important to the players, colleges, teams and even those who participate in brackets.

However, it is so much more important who wins  the presidency than who is the next champion in basketball. The candidate who wins the election should  win their way to the White House because they have proven to Americans that they can serve our nation the best.  They need to come up with reasonable solutions to the issues that face the land of the free and the brave.

When it comes to finding the winning candidate, it has become who can say the worst things about their opponents.  In basketball, coaches and players might say that one team deserved to win because they fought hard and fans might say there were bad calls by the referees.  When it comes to good sportsmanship, respect, and playing fair the athletes have the right idea.  However, for this election and for most politicians the “game” is different.

In basketball, you don’t see the total bashing of  opponents like you do in our current election. The one who wins the basketball championship earns it on merit and by proving how and why they make it to the top.  The candidates, however, are not proving anything. They talk about what the problems are, but very little is talked about how they are going to solve anything. One of those things is the mental health system. When you aren’t even going to talk about the issue, you are definitely not going to prove you have any solutions. Does any candidate deserve to be living in the White House in January?   Do you really want a president who wins a boxing match or someone who can best serve our nation?

I think the one who wins the election should be the person who can best serve our country and make a difference. They address and share solutions about the issues like national security and balancing the budget. They talk and prove what they are going to  do  about unemployment and most definitely talk about recent tragedies especially concerning those who have a mental illness.  They need to come up with reasonable solutions to the problems mentioned.

However, the candidates would rather shoot baskets, foul, and play a game to see who can entertain the best and  get evicted from the game because of name calling and not respecting each other. They learn their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and that helps win.  However, they don’t broadcast  these things all over the news.  They win on merit and by sharing how they are going to win the voters.  They share with us that they are going to listen and respect that our country is a nation of   “people by the people” They  need to to tell us how they are going to solve the problems that our nation faces.

Politicians may fight hard, but do they win on merit when they won’t talk about things like how they will solve the mental health crisis?  Do they deserve to be our president when they don’t assure us that they are working for us? Do we want them to be our leader in chief when they don’t listen to us?

People with mental illnesses are listened to the least.  Do they want to contribute to the discrimination of the mentally ill and not do anything about the broken mental health system?  All voters are affected by mental illness in some way.

If the candidates do not start talking about what they are going to do, our generation will be dealing with the revolving doors of the prisons and psychiatric wards. Our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the lack of care and mistreatment of the people who are viewed as less than human beings. They will have to keep dealing with the homeless who often have severe mental illnesses and  will have to still deal with national tragedies caused by the mentally ill  who have tried to get  help.

If they want to win the election, they need to listen to the people who have a mental illness, their friends and families, the professionals who work with them and people who have been affected by tragedies at the hands of a mentally ill individual.

While picking your bracket, be thinking about who you would have in the final four and as the champion in the upcoming showdown in basketball. If it was a president you were picking out, be thinking about WHO YOU WANT TO WIN rather than who you think will win.  That is the person you should support and vote for.

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