6 thoughts on “Types of Bipolar Disorder Infographic

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  2. Nice, clean clear graphic – great job. I have a very big issue with the misuse/overuse of the term ‘bipolar’ – especially by those who advocate and use that label though do not have Manic Depression. BP-2 is not Manic Depression, but it’s become a mainstream usage/connection. And it does a disservice to those who of course have to suffer the serious medical condition BP-1 but also to those who primarily deal with depression – and it is the medication they are given (because, of course, they are led to believe they have to take the meds to be well, many do not) that causes the ‘hypomania’ symptoms.

    Then they get the BP-2 label, and start advocating for ‘bipolar’ – an illness they really in fact do not have. Much of it is used to coverup the medication issues, and to prescribe more meds (so many get put on antipsychotis – are they psychotic? many of them NO) – the end result?

    People get sicker, children die, underlying medical conditions (or psychological trauma) go untreated.

    Medications are helpful to treat a crisis – just like you’d treat someone who went into cardia arrest – but long term brain disabling with severe side effects. Then its the ECT to damage the brain more, as their body couldn’t handle anymore of the toxic drugs.

    Not good medicine. Needs to stop. My advocacy centered around this – and the overdiagnosing of bipolar in general. Is ridiculous. And so many can be helped – not started on a lifetime psych med nightmare.

    I love this blog – is very informative and great articles. Just sharing my thoughts. Can read more at http://www.bipolar1survivor.com.

    best, Molly

  3. I like the chart. Perhaps you could include “Mixed Episodes” on the next one? I am also bipolar one and have mixed episodes regularly. Keep fighting the good fight! 🙂

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