Sports Used to Describe Bipolar Disorder

  Downhill Skiing- You get all the way to the top easily (mania) and then come down (depression) quickly. Wrestling- It is a constant struggle Ping pong- rapid unpredictable bouncing Football- Sometimes with all of your friends and family, you make a touchdown. However, sometimes you fall short. Basketball-  Dribbling represents small ups and downs that … Continue reading Sports Used to Describe Bipolar Disorder

Golf, Bipolar Disorder and Me

I went to a show last night where a famous golfer told his story. His presentation was very entertaining, engaging, and funny. There were over 800 people in attendance.  The golfer had a very successful career that included more than 3 million dollars in prize money. He went on to write six books, is a … Continue reading Golf, Bipolar Disorder and Me