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What Happens after you have been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

For some people, it is a relief when they find out that there is a name for something they have been enduring sometimes for years.  Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to mental illness, some people feel ashamed or don’t … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Now what?

If you have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it could be a relief because you finally know there is a reason why you have been going through the things you have been.  You might have found out because you … Continue reading

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Writings from the Mother of Bipolar Bandit Part 1 How having a mentally ill child affects the family.

Let me first say that no one in  either my husband’s or my family had ever shared information about  having a history of mental illness. At the time my daughter starting having difficulty, the stigma was still very negative and … Continue reading

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