Guest Post: My Bipolar Life Story by Jason Miller

Every one of us has the capacity to make a fundamental choice that has a huge impact on the quality of our time here on Earth: Whether we going to settle for survival or we are going to thrive. And If there is one truth I have learned over the years, it’s that human beings … Continue reading Guest Post: My Bipolar Life Story by Jason Miller

Types of Mental Disorders

THE ARTICLE IS BELOW AND/OR YOU CAN VIEW THE VIDEO There is an infographic of all the mental disorders at the bottom of this article. You probably have heard of many mental illnesses, but do you know the types of each one? There are many that you probably have not heard of and they … Continue reading Types of Mental Disorders

Thank an Advocate Challenge

I am the founder of Mental Health Advocates United and Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses. Yesterday, I challenged both my group and followers of my page to thank a mental health advocate.  As the day continued, the idea developed into the Thank an Advocate Challenge. I have taken the challenge on myself and have … Continue reading Thank an Advocate Challenge

Golf, Bipolar Disorder and Me

I went to a show last night where a famous golfer told his story. His presentation was very entertaining, engaging, and funny. There were over 800 people in attendance.  The golfer had a very successful career that included more than 3 million dollars in prize money. He went on to write six books, is a … Continue reading Golf, Bipolar Disorder and Me