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Guest Post: Love in a Bipolar World by Rebecca

When you find that special person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to consider a lot of factors.  If you are bipolar, the list of considerations changes quite a bit.  Should … Continue reading

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Dear Future President,

For a year now, the presidential candidates have been dodging questions about the problem of mental illness in America. Some will bring it up when talking about gun control and others ridicule the mentally ill. Well, when is the question … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Signs of Mental Illness?

You never know when you, a loved one, or a stranger on the street might have a mental illness.  In a time where mental illness is a huge problem in our society, it is important that every citizen does their … Continue reading

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What People are Doing for Mental Health Awareness Month

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Below are some some things that I have come across that people are doing to recognize this.  Many of these things you can do very easily to help raise awareness about mental health … Continue reading

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Guest Post: 10 Things I’ve Learned Since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by Jake

The things I’ve learned since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder: 1) Naps are critical. Whether it’s because of a mood swing, medications or being tired,  I often try to sleep through the worst parts. 2) I’m still trying to … Continue reading

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