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It’s World Bipolar Day! Check out these Bipolar Disorder FB pages

There are several wonderful pages on Facebook that deal with bipolar disorder. They offer various information on the mental illness, share inspirational quotes, memes, and personal experiences with the owner’s  illness. Raising awareness of bipolar disorder and eliminating stigma” is important. … Continue reading

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14 Things to remember when you feel hopeless

Thinking positively sometimes is a hard thing to do, especially when you are depressed.  However, challenging these negative thoughts is important.  How do you do that? How to Challenge Negative Thinking  What can you gain from thinking positively?  Benefits of Positive Thinking … Continue reading

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Guest Post: What it’s like to be Bipolar by Sherry

Please don’t ever take your mental health for granted.  You have no idea what it is like to have every thought, behavior, and emotion questioned by those around you.  Sherry sure is laughing a lot — she might be manic.  … Continue reading

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