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What can trigger mania?

Below are triggers that can cause a manic episode.  It is important to be aware of your triggers.  Knowing what your triggers are could help reduce your chances of getting manic. Stress                 … Continue reading

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Is Tom Sullivan right? Is bipolar disorder a fad? Are there people on disability who shouldn’t be?

Tom Sullivan, a Fox news contributor, stated that he thinks that bipolar disorder ” is the latest fad” and that “we all have good days and we all have bad and I don’t consider that an illness. And I don’t consider … Continue reading

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Tom Sullivan: Does Fox discriminate against people with mental illnesses?

I am starting to wonder if Fox does not like people with mental illnesses. The recent story of  Fox news host, Tom Sullivan, telling a caller that her illness is made up  is not the first time that Fox has added … Continue reading

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