Guest Post: Interview with Author Michelle May Krack

Michelle May Krack is the author of “Michelle May Crack: A Personal Memoir of Bipolar Disorder”

1. How long has it been since your diagnosis?
25 years ago, age 31, I was married 12 years and my children at the time were 11, 9, 7, 2.

2. What led you to advocate for mental health?
Because I want to help fight the amount of stigma involved with mental illnesses. My experiences as a mental health patient made me realize there needed to be more support for myself and others with mental illness.

3. How do you advocate for mental health awareness?
I am a peer recovery advocate at the PEACE Zone peer-run recovery center helping others in the community with mental illness. It’s a safe haven to offer support for hope and recovery.

4. What mental health organizations are you involved with that support advocacy?

NAMI, as a presenter for its Family to Family Program, and I was recently awarded the Mental Health America of Indiana 2014 Consumer Advocate Award.

5. Who do you advocate personally in day-to-day life?

I share my story of hope and recovery at local hospitals with the PEACE Zone outreach program. I have written a book, “Michelle May Crack”, a story that shares advocacy along with life struggles with mental illness and offers hope for recovery. 

She also has a Facebook page and Twitter account.

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