Does Amanda Bynes’s mother regret telling everyone that her daughter does not have a mental illness?

del10Amanda Bynes’s tweets and recent actions show that she is obviously not doing well.

In May, when the stories first were breaking that Amanda Bynes had done some “crazy” things, was arrested for DUI, and then was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, it prompted me to write “My Opinion on Involuntary Commitment and Conservatorships (For example, Amanda Bynes)”   There is a serious problem in our country that parents can’t get their children admitted if they are obviously mentally ill and in trouble. This was the case for Amanda’s parents. They had to wait until she was arrested and ordered to go to the hospital.

When stories kept coming out that she most likely had bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, I hoped that Amanda and her family would use their experiences to help others and  help to erase the stigma.

However, the total opposite happened.  Amanda’s mom, Lynn, denied that she had a mental illness like they were all ashamed of it.  They caved into the stigma and did not use her mental illness in a way that so many other celebrities have recently.

Instead, they contributed to the stigma like it was something to hide and would ruin her career.  Having a mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.  Dealing with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses shows that your strength.  If they are trying to not ruin her career  maybe they should admit she needs help and for what. They could use  her mental illness as a platform.  If they don’t and she continues on this path, not only her career will be over, but her life could possibly be too.

Now that she is back in the hospital due to her bizarre behavior, does her mom finally get it?  We may never know the truth and since mental illness information should be confidential, maybe we never should.   I don’t know if her doctors were so incompetent that they could not see she had a mental illness or if her mom was trying to hide it and lied.  What I do know is that I am happy that she is back in the hospital where she needs to be.

Was she diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia?  Was she prescribed medications that aren’t working or is she not taking them?  Is she in denial?  Is she ashamed?  Will she get the help she needs this time or will she say it is because of marijuana why she has been doing strange things?  We might not ever know the answer to all of these questions if any.

Her mental health and medical problems should be confidential. However, when you are famous and do bizarre things, the public is going to speculate.  In my opinion, it would be better to be honest, proud, educate others, raise awareness, and get the help you need than to continue on the path she has been taking.  I hope the hospital keeps her long enough so she is able to get the help she needs.

Amanda and Lynn Bynes- Please don’t deny that she has a problem and make sure she gets treated so she can tell the world that you can recover from mental illness, there is hope, and that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.  Denying that you have a problem, feeds the stigma by showing you are ashamed.  Use these experiences to educate others and let them know what the symptoms are of the various mental illnesses and where people can go to get help if they or someone else is exhibiting the signs of a mental illness.






About Michelle Clark Bipolar Bandit

I am a strong advocate for the mentally ill and have been since I was first approached by a lawyer in a psychiatric facility as a teenager. He wanted me to help him fight how the mentally ill are mistreated. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 17 after a full blown manic episode. Before that, I suffered from debilitating depression for 4 years. My goals are to help others by sharing my story and providing tips to deal with mania and depression. I often write blogs related to advocating for people like myself. I want to encourage, inspire, and educate those with #bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses and also include inspirational #quotes. I founded the group Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses and the page Mental Health Advocates United and have several social media sites that are related to bipolar disorder and/or advocacy. If you are an advocate or would like to be, I hope you join our FB group: Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses
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2 Responses to Does Amanda Bynes’s mother regret telling everyone that her daughter does not have a mental illness?

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I didn’t read the tweets. Who is she? What is she famous for?

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