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Credits for Inspirational Quotes

For some reason when I posted the credits on the pages where I had the quotes, it only share the links and not the memes and quotes. That is why they are included here. I apologize to anyone who thinks … Continue reading

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What is required to be a Mental Health Care Advocate?

While travelling around the world of social media, I have seen countless people and organizations claiming to be mental health advocates. It makes me wonder what exactly these people are doing by claiming that they are advocates? Have they advocated … Continue reading

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How the Media is playing a Role in Recent shootings

The recent Navy yard shooting, Newton, Auroroa , Columbine, Virginia Tech…. I cringe every time I hear that there has been a mass shooting. This is because I anticipate that it won’t take long before the media will find out … Continue reading

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What has happened to HIPPA?

I was diagnosed with a mental illness over 25 years ago.  I also have had many medical problems including pancreatitis, numerous stomach issues resulting in being hospitalized, had to have my gall bladder removed and was admitted to ICU due … Continue reading

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