Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 4th thru 10th, 2015: What can you do?

Mental Illness Awareness Week started in 1990.  What can you do to help raise awareness of mental illnesses and stomp out the stigma that still exists today?

1. Contact someone you know who suffers from a mental illness and let them know that you appreciate them and/or how they have fought the fight they fight.

2. Write a letter to the editor. An example letter can be found at: Letter to Editor

3. Write a letter to a politician about mental illness. An example can be found at  Letter to Politician

4. Participate in the 2nd Annual World Mental Health Day Blog Party on October 10th by writing a blog about yourself or someone you know who suffers from a mental illness.  Blog Party

5. Help protect mental health programs from automatic cuts starting in January.  Protect Health Programs

6. Let someone know who writes a blog, has written an article, maintains a website, updates on FB or Twitter things about mental illnesses know that you appreciate what they are doing.  You can do this by simply “liking” or “sharing” or “retweeting” or commenting on a post or article. Some examples are:

7. You also can find an idea book on NAMI’s site. Idea Book

8. Also, Karen Tyrrell has provided a list of things you can do. Celebrating Mental Health Week 

9. Walk in a walk-a-thon for Mental Health Awareness week.

10. Thank a professional who deals with the mentally ill. (mental health nurse, psychiatrist, social worker,etc.)

11. Participate in National Day without Stigma

12. Register to watch a webinar entitled “Depression and Mental Health for Faith Leaders.”

13. Share a video with your friends and family via social media or email. Savant MD  , UMTR2ME, Bell Let’s Talk , Glenn Close , Let’s Erase the Stigma on Extra , Change a Mind about Mental Illness 

14. Think outside the box. (Sky Jump with a Banner that mentions World Mental Health Day.) Plymouth University

15. Share this blog.

If you know of any other ideas, please comment or email me at Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 4th thru 10th, 2015: What can you do?

  1. Thanks so much Michelle for listing me, Karen Tyrrell as #8 on your mental health Things to Do. I hope your readers will drop by and leave a comment on my page to

    WIN a copy of ME & HER : a Memoir Of Madness… a memoir of RECOVERY

    You can download my FREE eBook *30 Tools for Wellness* from my website… Karen 🙂

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