My Story with Bipolar Disorder Divided Part 7:Unexpected Trip Home

story divided part 7 I have had so many manic episodes that I have really had to think of some of the specifics of the this next manic episode.

I had moved to Florida and my relationship with my first boyfriend was over.  My parents had to sell the house I was living in forcing me to move. I eventually moved in with someone who I went to school with. By then, I was officially going to school to become a teacher.

Things were going pretty well. I had been passing all my classes and had been going out every night dancing with my new friend and roommate.  Then, I went to see my family for a holiday.

I was to take the bus back to Florida.  My dad says now that he knew when he put me on that bus, he just had the feeling that he shouldn’t have.

Needless to say, I met a guy on the bus who was wearing an all yellow outfit. I felt that was a sign from God that I was to be with him.  Therefore, I got off the bus with him in Georgia.

We had a grand time.  We went all the way to where I lived and got my car. We traded it in for a convertible.  We used my parent’s credit card to buy an engagement ring for myself.  I don’t remember too much about it other than that. I thought the guy was a really nice guy.  I do have a recollection of being on the beach at night and a police officer asking me if I was ok.  I told him no and meant it.

Meanwhile, as you can imagine, my parents were worried sick. At the time, they had a problem with sex rings going on in Georgia.  They could trace my credit cards, but by the time they could track them, I had left.

The “fun” was over you could say one night when we got a knock on the hotel room saying that it was the police. I never saw the guy again. He told me that his name was Derick, but my parents later told me that that was not the name he used when he checked us in.

It is scary to think of what could have happened to me.

After my parents rescued me with the help of the police, I at the time was not happy. In my mania, I was in love with this man and now they had taken him away.

Because I was manic, my parents had to step in.  I could say I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have my parents, I doubt very highly I would still be here.

We drove back to where I had gotten the car and somehow my dad was able to trade my new car back in for my old car. Then, we got my stuff and drove back to New York.  That is where I was again hospitalized.  I don’t remember how long I was in the hospital this time. What I do know is that I remember thinking how the patients including me were not being treated right.  If I only knew.  When I was submitted to psychiatric hospitals in Florida and North Carolina, that was when I found out how bad it could be.

After I got out of the hospital, I moved back home with my parents and one sister who still lived at home. I sunk into a deep depression. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I had lost all incentive to make anything of my life. I didn’t want to go into public because I didn’t want to run into people who would see I had made nothing of myself.  I do remember having some good times with my sister and parents playing cards.  I thank them for that.

I am not sure how long it took, but eventually, I looked on the computer and found a way that I could go back to Florida and still get my teaching degree.  So, I made the arrangements and my mom and I drove down there. I moved in with an elderly lady and another tenant.

I enrolled again to the college in Florida. My family came down for Christmas and we had a great time.

I was on the road back to success and things were looking up.

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About Michelle Clark Bipolar Bandit

I am a strong advocate for the mentally ill and have been since I was first approached by a lawyer in a psychiatric facility as a teenager. He wanted me to help him fight how the mentally ill are mistreated. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 17 after a full blown manic episode. Before that, I suffered from debilitating depression for 4 years. My goals are to help others by sharing my story and providing tips to deal with mania and depression. I often write blogs related to advocating for people like myself. I want to encourage, inspire, and educate those with #bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses and also include inspirational #quotes. I founded the group Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses and the page Mental Health Advocates United and have several social media sites that are related to bipolar disorder and/or advocacy. If you are an advocate or would like to be, I hope you join our FB group: Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses
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